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Designing the UX for the mobile and web is not the same thing. 60% initial aspect of web changes when you design the same interface for the mobile. From design layout to small detailing, everything is highly substantial in case you sell online. Because you never know what kind of device your shopper might be used for shopping and from where they are accessing it because based on the region the country site rendering time can vary which could possibly affect the user interface of the site.

Button in header sometimes gets incompatible depending upon the resolution of the devices. The positioning of buttons, navigation panels, and other display components are little different for different resolution devices. In all occurrences, the thumb plays a very active role in the screen touch interaction experience. Proper placement of necessary things on right place increase customer engagements and turned them into potential customers. Thus the perfect proportion of colors & buttons, and theme design according to different industry verticals, target audience mindset and behavior is important.


Lot and lots of things need to be admired while designing Ecommerce UX for the website. The reason behind this that design and feel for each Ecommerce store can’t be the same. Each industry has its own unique audiences, their way of shopping, and interaction with Ecommerce store changes. Unique design is no longer the right weapon to rely on this emerging transformed Ecommerce era.

Due to the human tendency, Buy button and Add to cart button on the top of a website should be always on the extreme right of the site. Thus, Aspect selection, value positioning, and clear navigation can significantly increase profitability.

Optimize user interface of your store and drive more conversions with award winning design that are both compelling and intuitive. Enhancing and innovating shopping experience of your store by understanding the human behavior.


Design Strategy

Understanding the client business, the service needs and their audience, we prepare a tailor design concept for your store.


Maintaining a custom Ecommerce website design and interface accessible, easily understandable for your customer.

Interactive Design

Crafted intuitive design for your Ecommerce store which interacts with your customers and make love them to buy products.


Our UX specialist design interface in a more useful manner with all the qualities like ease of use, and effectiveness in context of use.

Enhance Performance

By eliminating the current design issues of your store, we improves the ease of use and better data flow.

Human System Interaction

Prioritizing human interactions and performance which will help to improve your store design on the need of user.


As an Ecommerce website design company, We believe that neat and clutter-free design helps brands communicate better with their shoppers. Customer empathy and attention-to-detail are the topmost priority for designers at KOceanSoft.