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Target your advertisements effectively with SEM services

Search Engine Marketing is a form of paid marketing to promote your business through short advertisements appearing on the first pages of search engines. These will be labelled ‘Ad’ and will often appear at the top of the page when people search for your targeted keywords. Having your business promoted as a paid advertisement on search engines often doubles the chances of having your website clicked on as compared to ranking high through organic keyword optimisation.

To get your business advertised you will need to purchase them through a bidding process. Search engines will determine the placement of your ads based on this as well as your website’s Click Through Rates (CTR). This entire process is referred to as “Pay-per-Click” or PPC advertising, where you will pay only if your ad is clicked on.

At KOceanSoft, Sri Lanka’s leading paid advertising company, we offer our clients a comprehensive result-oriented strategy at minimal cost and profitable returns to drive your business growth. Leverage the power of our search engine marketing services and attract just the customers your business should target.

The success of your website lies in making your visitors do what you want them to do. If they do, then you have maximized every penny spent on search engine marketing services while your customers are provided with some value from your website.

Can businesses enhance performance and maximize benefits through SEM?

Absolutely. KOceanSoft’s SEM services include our experts coming up with a solution built around your business to achieve just that. We focus on customized paid marketing strategies that are guaranteed to put you on the top of the page.

Right target audience

Through deep analysis and research of the demographics of your target audience, our search engine marketing experts will build a strategy to priorities your needs and develop a plan accordingly.

Customized marketing strategy

As a diverse and adaptable PPC advertising company, we provide experts who develop a strategy that is tailored to perfectly suit your business needs. Our customized solutions will be within your budget and will definitely improve your conversions to sales.


Your SEM campaigns can easily be tweaked and transformed according to the desired results, ensuring that you can reach a wider audience for more profitable outcomes. As a leading paid advertising company, you can be assured that our methods have the flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.

Brand awareness

Our paid marketing strategies include local PPC advertising as well as Bing advertising. The end result is increased exposure on multiple platforms for better reach and enhanced brand awareness.


You may have visitors who did not convert to sales or enquiries on their first visit. Capture their incomplete transactions and display your advertisements to them again through paid marketing to encourage them to revisit your site.

Cost-effective outcomes

We take great care to ensure that your SEM campaigns do not exceed your budget. Our professional SEM services include a strategy that will suit your requirements and will not exceed your budget limits while helping your business realize increased exposure and sales.

KOceanSoft's SEM services maximize your digital marketing investment

Utilize KOceanSoft’s SEM services to
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