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A Facebook Advertising Company That Captures, Engages & Boosts Your Business

You will be an extremely busy person if you own a company. Even though Facebook Advertising is incredibly easy to use, your campaign will require the correct amount of attention to succeed. KOceanSoft is one of the best Facebook marketing companies in Sri Lanka and can help your company generate more leads with social media marketing campaigns. A Facebook marketing company like KOceanSoft can help you if you’re unsure what you’re doing. From formulating ideas to producing results, a Facebook advertising agency moves quickly. Our professionals have worked on a variety of the most popular Facebook pages.

Get Facebook Marketing Service From Our Expert Team With Effective Facebook Campaign

The best Facebook advertising specialists have worked with various customers and are familiar with the best strategies for obtaining the most significant results. Within days of hiring an ad agency, you’ll be able to have your campaign up and going. When you’re on your own, believe us when we tell you it’ll take longer. In-house Facebook ad specialists are another possibility, but the expense of training that person is something to keep in mind.

Advertisers and regular Facebook users benefit significantly from constantly upgrading Facebook’s advertising channel with the latest innovations and improvements. These new capabilities and adjustments might be bewildering for first-time marketers. Fortunately, you’re protected by a Facebook advertising agency. To ensure their clients’ success, businesses must stay on top of the latest trends. It is why ad firms place a high value on industry education.

How Can a Facebook Advertising Strategy Boost Your Business and Get Leads?

By making it easy for your current or future consumers to get your information, Facebook marketing services may help you gain more leads and customer connections. Create an ad seeking contact information using the Get More Leads marketing type. You may use their contact information to send them newsletters, pricing estimates, and more.

Ads may be created to increase post-engagement/interaction, increase site visitors, generate leads, and so on. Facebook advertising benefits your organisation by allowing you to set “Ad Objectives” for greater brand awareness, brand evaluation, or revenues! It is ideal for companies that wish to prioritise different ad results.

Facebook advertising advantages are available via the Ads Manager tool, including ad goals tailored to these requirements. Boosted post advertisements aim for high-value content or to increase interaction. Page promotions aim to increase the number of individuals who like and interact with your company’s Facebook page. Also, promotions with a call to action.

People will be able to engage with your website using a customisable button that has been built just for your objectives. Facebook ad targeting is what makes the Facebook PPC advertising strategy worthwhile. Ad targeting on Facebook is what makes ad ROI possible and profitable. An ad that isn’t targeted intelligently is a waste of money for your company.

Why Does Your Business Need
a Facebook Campaign?

A Facebook campaign might have a lot of advantages for your company. While many of these advantages may be found on any website, the best Facebook marketing company for small businesses offers a few that cannot be found anywhere else, like Facebook PPC marketing. The benefits outlined below, when combined, may result in improved sales and profitability for your company:

It offers them a sense of your company. First impressions are essential, particularly in the world of social media. It keeps people on your page intrigued, engaged, and knowledgeable about what you offer, affecting company sales. Design distinguishes your Facebook page from others by giving your company its unique character and personality.

It sets you apart from the rest of the competition. It demonstrates your dedication to excellent customer service. It reflects well on your business. Your clients will feel more confident in your company if your Facebook page design is consistent and professional. Your brand will be more trustworthy and credible if your design is consistent.

If you want to display your advertising to a specific group of people, Facebook’s targeting and retargeting tools enable you to do just that — categories, location, activities, and more. With user-friendly tools to help you build up your ad campaign, Facebook’s Ads Manager makes it simple to manage your social media advertising campaigns.

You may advertise on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media network on mobile and desktop. You may use a tracking pixel to show the goods that your ideal consumers are most likely to be interested in on particular pages of your website. Starting with your principal product, fine-tuning your marketing plan is an excellent place to start.

While using their profile to browse Facebook’s News Feed, individuals may see the most relevant material. To get in front of more people, you may want to consider using social media ads. As a low-cost advertising alternative for small companies, Facebook advertising may target your targeted demographic, are quantifiable, and have a high ROI.

A user’s age, gender, location, hobbies, and other personal information may be provided when creating a Facebook account. They’ll then determine their interests based on the material they upload, share and interact with. You may then use this data to develop Facebook advertisements that appear before the people you want to reach.

Your Facebook profile is a location where you may post information about your company, such as its name, address, and phone number, as well as a short description of your goods and services. It’s also a good idea to speak about your personnel, background, or any other part of your company that is likely to draw the attention of other Facebook users.

It automatically optimizes your website for both desktop and mobile devices. A Facebook company page has the advantage of doing all of the legwork for you. As this trend continues, having a Facebook presence for your company becomes more vital. Because of this, you must provide all of your contact information on your Facebook profile page.

What Is the Process for Facebook Marketing Strategy?

You need to design a plan regardless of the channel you choose. It will assist you in clearly defining your objectives, selecting the best methods for achieving them, defining your target audience, evaluating the efficacy of your efforts, and continually improving. We’ve outlined an approach that can be used by any company looking to establish a Facebook marketing campaign.

Starting with setting goals is the first step. What matters is that the main objectives are the same for any organisation, regardless of its size or sector

When creating effective ads, knowing your target audience and how they respond to your message is an essential starting point.

It is essential to have a detailed plan for the kinds and styles of content you will generate as part of your Facebook marketing strategy for content marketing.

It enables marketers to reach a large audience with flexible targeting and minimal cost. You have complete control over the scheduling, ad placement, and audience.

Facebook has more to offer than you think. This channel provides many valuable resources that may help you be more productive and profitable in your efforts.

Monitoring their involvement will provide you with a clear image of which approaches perform best for you and which turn off your audience.

Are Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads
Better for Marketing?

User interaction with Facebook and Instagram advertisements and campaign results seem to support increasing marketing budgets for these platforms. With the use of Facebook’s integrated ad management capabilities, a Facebook campaign may be effortlessly extended to Instagram. Because of the company’s constant innovation, Instagram’s ad layouts are now capable of enabling specific Ecommerce capabilities.

On the other hand, Instagram is more often used as a source of inspiration and idea-gathering than a place to make a transaction. There aren’t any high-impact options like Instagram ads available on Facebook. It would help if you considered conducting your campaign only on Instagram when visuals are a primary factor, particularly when you want to have a long-lasting effect.

Facebook is a better fit for “lower funnel” techniques, such as Ecommerce or conversion-oriented ads where the transaction takes place on a different site outside of the portal. Instagram users are often more in-the-know and prefer to remain inside the site. You may operate on both platforms if your images are more practical, and you want to encourage in-portal engagement (such as comments or sharing) rather than off-portal traffic.

KOceanSoft – Leading Website Design Company In Sri Lanka

At KOceanSoft, we offer end-to-end web design solutions to your business needs. We have a professional team of excellent graphic designers, website designers, content marketers, UI/UX specialists, and digital marketers to offer a 360-degree digital solution. From designing your website to managing your social media pages, we can do it all. We aim to grow your business with result-oriented solutions and measurable outcomes. We are always willing to adapt and can build a website on any platform. We aim to add value to your business and realize your goals by refining your ideas. Hundreds of clients have loved our work and we hope you do too.

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

What Sets Us Apart From Others In Terms Of Facebook Advertising In Sri Lanka?

At KOceanSoft, our Facebook marketing team can help you set up, assist, optimize, and report your Facebook advertising campaigns. We offer highly flexible pricing and may tailor its services to your specific requirements. We provide Facebook advertising services that include specialized Facebook ads experts to develop a successful social media strategy for your company.

Nobody denies that they are the greatest, but only a select handful have the qualifications to back up their claims. For example, if you want to run sponsored social media campaigns with little or no work on your part, you’ll need a team that has the skills and knowledge to run these campaigns under appropriate supervision.

You must choose a Facebook ad management company that has the intelligence and capability to assist you in reaching your objectives. At KOceanSoft, we take care of consumer targeting, remain in contact with your existing customers, and provide recommendations on creating and advertising best business practices.

When it comes to digital marketing, KOceanSoft is a respectable Facebook ad agency that does research and competition analysis and knows how to comb Google Analytics data to identify areas that need development. We ensure that our clients comprehend the data that affects their company operations.

Any reputable digital marketing business should strive to get positive outcomes for its customers. A digital marketing firm like ours is fast to discover difficulties or flaws and then execute solutions and remedies quickly and efficiently.

Your brand will stand out from the crowd if you’re creative. The folks on our staff are always looking for new ways to push the envelope. Most clients prefer a new and unique concept over any other marketing tactic. Even if you have a brilliant idea, you won’t be successful in the long run if you don’t put it into action.

Successful marketing agencies have established procedures to meet their commitments to clients and meet their deadlines. The fact that you provide outcomes is vital for your clients and customers to understand. If this is the case, prioritising producer investment should be a top focus.

When you choose us, we will assist you in achieving your objectives, whether they are generating more high-quality leads, enhancing customer interaction, raising shop traffic, or increasing click-through rates.

As a bonus, a portfolio is an excellent method for an agency to showcase its most impressive work. Ask us about our work on our previous projects and the results we have achieved. Choosing a Facebook marketing agency with a broad portfolio is the most excellent approach to guarantee that WMG can help you achieve your objectives.