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AngularJS Development at KOceanSoft

We are one of the leading AngularJS development companies. So, utilize our services and get fast, dynamic & scalable solutions.

AngularJS Web Application Development

AngularJS is a structural framework that allows our developers for creating dynamic web apps. The result is expressive and quick to develop.

AngularJS APIs Development

API in AngularJS is a set of global JavaScript functions used for the purpose of carrying out the common tasks such as comparing objects, iterating objects, converting data. We build intuitive AngularJS APIs using these attributes.

AngularJS Portal Services

With the help of AngularJS technology, it is easier to build a simple and enticing portal system with floating panels. It simply provides you with a fantastic portal system which helps you to outgrow your competitors.

AngularJS Dashboard Development

Build dashboards quickly with simple, declarative templates using AngularJS. Our developers can create rewarding dashboard panels that will help grow your application or project.

AngularJS Maintenance and Support

We provide easy 24/7 support and maintenance services, online ticket resolving, and post-development support at affordable rates.

Custom AngularJS Development

AngularJS simplifies application development by presenting a higher level of abstraction to our developers, resulting in customized dynamic apps.

AngularJS Plugins Development

AngularJS is an open source web application structural framework that allows our engineers to develop dynamic Plugins.

AngularJS Interactive UI/UX Development

AngularJS offers techniques that are niche and can handle single-page websites, keep client-side data binding and DOM manipulation, resulting better UI/UX development. simpler.

Ecommerce Solutions with AngularJS

Structural framework like AngularJS helps our developers to create Ecommerce features that help our clients to increase revenue, improve customer experience, engagement, reduce abandoned shopping carts.

AngularJS Integration Solutions

AngularJS platform helps us to integrate different applications and database to increase the performance of the existing web systems of our clients.

AngularJS Migration Services

We provide potential support to our customer-base for migrating their website or data to AngularJS with zero downtime efforts, fewer connectivity issues, and no damage of data.

Why Angular.JS?

AngularJS is a robust JavaScript framework which creates flexible, scalable and dynamic web designs that provide the best-in-class user experience.

Cross-Platform Development

AngularJS supports cross-platform Development.

Automatic DOM Manipulation

AngularJS provides an important feature of Automatic DOM (Document Object Model) Manipulation

Support for XAML Development

AngularJS provides immense support to XAML Development.

Seamless Request Transfer

AngularJS can seamlessly transfer asynchronous HTTP requests.

Testing Support

AngularJS supports both unit and end-to-end testing with tools like Jasmine and Protractor.

Data Binding Capability

It provides Data Binding Capability to HTML.

Manage Heavy Website Applications

AngularJS works extremely well in managing the heavy web applications and complex requirements.

Behind the Abstraction - How AngularJS works?

Angular Modules/NgModules

Angular website apps are modular and Angular has its own modularity system called Angular modules or NgModules. Angular Module(s)/NgModule(s) helps organize the Applications into cohesive blocks of functionalities. These modules consolidate components, directives, and pipes into cohesive blocks of functionality, each focused on a feature area, application business domain, workflow, or common collection of utilities.


A component is basically a class that is used to show an element on the screen. The components have some properties and by using them we can manipulate how the element should look on the screen and behave.


Metadata is used to decorate a class so that it can configure the expected behavior of the class. There are mainly two types of Metadata in AngularJS, they are: 1. Annotations 2. Parameters

Data Binding

Angular supports data binding, a mechanism for coordinating parts of a template with parts of a component. Add binding markup to the template HTML to tell Angular how to connect both sides.


Directive helps us to add behavior to the DOM (Document Object Model) elements. We can attach multiple directives to the DOM elements. As Angular templates are dynamic, when Angular renders them, it transforms the DOM according to the instructions given by Directives.


A service is typically a class with a narrow, well-defined purpose. It should do something specific and do it well, in other words a Service is a class containing Functions and Features with pre-defined and specific purpose. Services are fundamental to any AngularJS application as Components are big consumers of Services.

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection allows to inject dependency as a service throughout the web application. Angular uses dependency injection to provide new components with the services they need. Angular can tell which services a component needs by looking at the types of its constructor parameters.

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