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Blogs are important for your website

Blogging is a common practice in the digital space. It plays an important role in consistent marketing over the decades, even though strategies have changed considerably. Despite the many innovative tools that increase visibility, the value of blogging cannot be overlooked.

Most people know that blogging is an important part of any online marketing plan. And most importantly, it helps with the SEO of your business website. But few people know exactly how. So, let’s take a look at all the direct and indirect ways blogging can help your SEO.


Blogging helps SEO, but how?

Incorporating a blog as part of your SEO strategy can provide many benefits. Not only can you expand your keyword coverage, but it also improves other key ranking factors like fresh content, augmented backlink profile, and more. Let’s find out more.

Increase your visibility on Google

Search engines love unique, relevant and fresh content. Blogging for business is the perfect way to get noticed and rewarded for all your hard work. Blog articles allow you to focus on all the areas you want to appear in search results and help you build your page rank and increase organic search traffic.

Regular blogging with your business keywords is one of the easiest ways to optimize your website for search engines. If you can commit to writing at least one blog article per month, your results will immediately appear in Google rankings.

You can naturally target SEO-optimized keywords


People often start SEO by targeting keywords that are most relevant to their business. Each blog post you publish on your website gives you an opportunity to focus on new keywords that will have a huge impact on your ranking. By incorporating new keywords into your content, you can maximize your chances of ranking high on Google while attracting valuable organic traffic. 

SEO is a really competitive field and the best option for your business is to find the specific keywords people are searching for. Let’s say you already have landing pages optimized for your key keywords. However, if you have hundreds of websites targeting the same keywords, it will be difficult to get organic traffic from your competitors.

This is where blogging comes to the rescue. Targeting keywords with your blog posts is much easier because you don’t have to worry about how they fit into your site structure. Instead, you can choose to go after more targeted long-tail keywords or other popular keywords that might appear awkwardly on your product page or home page. Promotions also look much more natural.

Provide a means of engaging new customers

If you’re producing quality, enjoyable content, your blog will get attention in some way. Good posts are shared with people already reading your blog and new people who don’t know about you yet.

This will give your blog more exposure to your company and attract new customers. Through social media and blog comments, you can encourage people to engage by interacting directly with people who find your blog articles informative or helpful with your business.

Support brand identity creation

Blog articles are a fantastic way to showcase the unique personality of your business. It can showcase your product or service, but perhaps more importantly your customer service. Some of the most successful personal and business brands have strong personalities that shine through in their blog posts and social media.

You can think of it as another way to make your current and future customers like and remember your brand more than your competition. It has been proven that buyers respond to people they feel they have some sort of connection with. This is ultimately why ‘sellable’ is a unique skill. A blog provides an opportunity to add personality to your business without having to speak directly to your customers.

Show off your expertise

Blogging is the perfect way to establish yourself as an expert in the minds of your customers while demonstrating your understanding and knowledge of the business world. Articles can be as broad or in-depth as you like, but providing useful information is key to building authority and trust.

Articles covering different aspects of your business communicate to your clients that you are a master in your field. This will make them more likely to buy from or recommend you to others.


Internal linking and backlink opportunities

Links are the backbone of search engine results pages. Blog posts offer several internal linking possibilities on the main page of your website. Adding internal links to your blog content can help keep users clicking and staying on your site longer.

Getting external links is another difficult part of SEO. However, to make your site more authoritative and trustworthy for Google, you should have links from respected sites back to yours. And it is blog posts that get backlinks. Every high-quality informational blog post you publish can drive backlinks. You will be connected to you regarding resources or discussions.

Send activity signals to search engines

Checking out our blog pages will give you valuable insights. A consistent flow of new content across the billions of websites on the Internet is essential to information activity. It serves as the heartbeat that keeps a website alive. Otherwise, if your blog pages don’t get updated for several years, chances are your business is no longer operational. When a website is silent, search crawlers adapt and minimize visits. This reduces the visibility of your site.

Keep your visitors on your website longer

Unsurprisingly, there is a strong positive correlation between average time spent on a website and website performance in terms of conversions. If you can hold a visitor’s attention for at least one minute, the chances of that visitor becoming a customer increase significantly.

Most blog readers are necessarily looking for information rather than services, but you can increase your chances by a good margin if you attract visitors to your website who want to spend time reading.

At the same time, a normal browser will see interesting blog topics on the home page, which will attract attention, linger on the website for a while and increase the likelihood of making a purchase.

Website conversion is a numbers game, and the numbers indicate that a well-used blog increases the time visitors spend on your website.

The only downside to blogging is that you actually have to blog. This is not your golden ticket to more conversations without work. A blog is an inexpensive tool you can use to attract visitors and significantly improve the chances of your visitors’ becoming customers.

If your business website doesn’t already have a blog, we recommend adding one soon. Contact us if you need help designing and managing your business blog.